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1st Time & Beginner Students

Get Ready To

Build Self Esteem, Self Confidence & Self Love?

Learn a New Skill?

Get Fit, Lose Weight & Make New Friends?

Try your 1st class for  $25 
We Have Discounted Multi Class Passes available once you're hooked!

There are a few Beginner Classes you can take in no particular order.

  • Intro To Pole

  • Beginners Spin Flow

  • Pole 'N Chair

  • Twerk ‘N Pole

  • Burlesque ‘N Pole

  • Mimosas 'N Pole 

  • Seductive Stilettos (Heels optional)

  • Intro To Pole En Espanol


Ready to take your pole journey to the next level? Join our 6-week Beginner Pole Series and continue learning and growing in your pole fitness journey each week!

Series Starting July 7th 11am & July 10th 7:30pm

6wk series_edited.jpg


Welcome to the Beginners Pole Series!

For 6 weeks, you and your classmates will start your Pole Journey together. Each week you will learn a different set of Pole Skills and build off of what you learned the previous week!

You will learn how to put these moves into different combinations for you to learn how to create your own routines.

You'll learn basic moves, slides, spins, floorwork, climbs, and transitions, establishing a strong foundation for your pole journey. Stay consistent, encourage one another, and witness your skills progress over time

Prerequisite: You must complete at least 2 Beginner Pole Classes with us, before the Beginners Pole Series Starts.

That means yes you can book the series now and take the 2 classes while you wait for the series to start!

The group you started with will continue together throughout the 6-week course, providing a supportive and familiar environment.

Classes must be booked online, and no walk-ins, refunds, or exchanges are allowed.

Welcome New Pole Students
Please Read Before Signing Up!

We understand that starting something new can feel awkward and make you apprehensive. To help you feel more comfortable, here are a few things to expect:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class to gather yourself and stretch. For safety, the doors will be locked once the class starts.

  • Remember to bring workout clothes, a hand towel, water, and black socks.

  • Pole dancing requires skin contact for a better grip. Wear comfortable and flexible workout attire like tank tops, sports bras, and shorts.

  • Avoid applying body lotions, butters, or oils before the class to prevent slipping. Also, refrain from using strong scents or perfumes. For safety reasons, no jewelry (except wedding rings) should be worn.

  • Our studio maintains cleanliness, so we kindly ask you to keep everything tidy from the moment you arrive. Remove your shoes, hang coats or jackets in the designated area, put phones on silent, and place personal items in the provided binS. Sanitize your hands before entering the class.

  • Only water is allowed in the pole area; no food or other beverages.

  • Warming up your muscles is crucial for proper muscle engagement and strength building. Please be on time to avoid missing the warm-up session, which lasts around 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each class.

  • Your pole will be cleaned before your arrival, and we have cleaning supplies available if you need to clean it during the class.

  • Prior to your visit, please familiarize yourself with our studio policies.

  • If you have read the policies and FAQs but still have questions, please feel free to email us at

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